Bioinspired synthesis routes

Need for sustainably produced chemicals with defined properties

Modern industries require various chemical feedings for their products and processes of manufacturing. To date, there is already a large number of such compounds available, which are generally summarized to so-called specialty and fine chemicals. They are applied e.g. to aromatics in foods, to active components in pharmaceuticals or to additives in polymers. There is still a need to develop further chemicals with special characteristics for well-defined applications.


Our solution: bioinspired synthesis of fine and specialty chemicals

At Fraunhofer IGB, complex synthesis ad modern analysis methods are combined for manufacturing of new specialty and fine chemicals. Amongst others, the application of natural synthesis methods and the utilization of regenerative resources are especially focused. Regarding ecological and economical aspects, custom-made chemicals are produced in laboratory scale designated to function in sustainable industry processes.

R&D services

  • Chemo-enzymatic synthesis
  • Organic synthesis