Functional surfaces and materials

Range of services


  • Development of inks using biomaterials for the fabrication of biocompatible or bioactive printed structures
  • Synthesis and preparation of nanostructured materials with tailored surfaces
  • Development of novel formulations by the use of core-shell particles
  • Encapsulation of biomolecules for stabilization and targeted release


  • Development of layers for protective coatings (scratch, corrosion protection), barriers against permeation, coatings as reservoirs for the targeted release of substances (formulations)
  • Functionalization of surfaces (chemical and biochemical)


  • Process development for plasma modification of surfaces
  • Hygienic surfaces using plasma cleaning processes, plasma sterilization processes and UV-C technology
  • Up-scaling of laboratory processes for the production of thin films to large-area formats, also roll-to-roll
  • Scaling of the processes for particle production and hydrogel synthesis


  • Surface and coating characterization
  • Particle analytics
  • Biopolymer and polymer analytics


Infrastructure and technical equipment


  • Chemical-nanotechnical laboratories for the synthesis and preparation of nanostructured (bio)materials and surfaces
  • Equipment for sputtering and parylene coating
  • Plasma reactors (cleaning, sterilization, coating, functionalization)
  • Equipment for wet chemical coating
  • Spray dryer with 2- and 3-fluid nozzles for the production of particles with complex structure
  • Synthesis equipment for scaled production of modified biopolymers
  • Various 3D printers
  • Comprehensive equipment of methods for surface analysis, particle analysis and polymer analysis