Casting of flat membranes

Flat membranes with thicknesses between 20 and 200 μm and a width of 300 mm can be manufactured by a roll-to-roll process. Both temperature and atmosphere can be controlled during casting. Precipitation baths with temperatures between 4 – 90°C are available. The main focus at Fraunhofer IGB lies in the processing of mixed-matrix systems. Both dense and asymmetric porous membranes can be obtained by solvent evaporation and phase inversion processes respectively. In addition, several functional layers could be calendered to complex systems.

Our research

Rotating disk filter

A rotating disk filter, which efficiently controls the thickness of the particle layer. Hereby, the filter opens up new applications for filtration such as industrial and municipal wastewater treatment with very high solid contents.

New membranes for pressure-retarded osmosis power plants

Fraunhofer IGB develops semi-permeable membranes to be used in osmotic power plants for the generation of emission-free energy.

Membranes for direct ethanol fuel cells

Fraunhofer IGB develops innovative membranes for the electrocatalytical conversion of ethanol inside direct ethanol fuel cells.