Thermal separation processes

Range of services

  • Market and technology analyses
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary investigations in laboratory and pilot-plant scale
  • Process development carried out by an interdisciplinary team drawn from the fields of process engineering, mechanical and chemical engineering, microbiology and electrical engineering
  • Optimization and modification of thermal and sorptive processes to increase efficiency
  • Customized developments in the field of thermal materials treatment, absorption and adsorption
  • Engineering specification including characterization of automation algorithms, up to industrial prototypes
  • Extensive laboratory and technical equipment as key component for a successful project realization

Infrastructure and technical equipment

  • Laboratory systems for characterization and investigation of adsorbents and electrolytes/absorption agents
  • Extensive analysis methods for water analytics
  • Design and simulation software: SolidWorks, CST Microwave Studio, COMSOL MultiPhysics®, Design-Expert Workstation
  • Laboratory components for investigation of thermal separation processes
  • Pilot plant for concentration of (industry-)wastewater
  • Pilot plant for investigation of solid matter heat exchanger for adsorbents and for investigation of sorptive thermal storage processes
  • Methods for measurement of the thermal conductivity from filling under vacuum
  • Analysis methods regarding consistency of adsorbents (e.g. BET theory)