Press releases

  • Beechwood as a pharmaceutical product

    Research News / 31.7.2019

    Dr. Ireen Gebauer, scientist in the innovation field of regenerative resources at the Fraunhofer CBP in Leuna, has achieved a remarkable project success for her research group Biomass Fractionation. Thanks to intensive preparatory work by Dr. med. Moritz Leschinsky, who leaves the CBP at the end of the month, succeeded in approving the "XyloSolv" project, which receives EUR 1.3 million from BMEL and FRN.

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  • At the "BIO World Congress" in Des Moines (Iowa, USA), the Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP presented itself as a renowned bio-economy representative of Saxony-Anhalt. Together with the coordinator of the exhibition participation, the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt and other representatives of the Central German bio-economy scene, Dr. Katja Patzsch and Anita May represented the research institution on the international stage from July 8 to 11.

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  • After five months of construction the rapeseed pilot plant was successfully put into operation at the end of April 2019. Together with the project partners B + B Engineering and AVA, a plant for breaking up the seed grains with subsequent separation of the components shells and core material in a fluidized bed was laid out and set up at Fraunhofer CBP. In continuous operation, a processing of up to 250 kg / h can be realized.

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  • Chemicals from renewable raw materials / 2018

    Producing everyday products with fungi

    Research News / 2.11.2018

    Most detergents, cosmetics, and clothes, to name just a few products, are manufactured using petroleum, making such everyday items anything but eco-friendly. It is now possible to produce the bio-based and CO2-neutral basic chemicals for such articles with the help of fungi. Fraunhofer research teams are developing fermentation techniques and manufacturing processes to produce them on an industrial scale.

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