The Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP  focuses on the development of sustainable processes along the entire value creation chain for the manufacture of products on the basis of renewable resources. The aim, working on the principle of a biorefinery, is the integrated and cascading material-energetic utilization of, as far as possible, all the substances derived from plant biomass.

Joint projects involve partners from industry, academia and non-university research establishments, and currently focus on the following specializations:

  • Obtaining high quality extractives from biogenic raw and residual materials
  • Pulping of lignocellulose, separation and use of its components to make further products
  • Development of processes to obtain new technical enzymes
  • Manufacturing of biobased alcohols, acids and olefins using fermentation and chemical processes
  • Funktionalization of vegetable oils, e.g. biotechnological epocidation and ω-functionalization 


Competence fields

Research of practical utility


Processing of raw materials


Biotechnological processes


Chemical processes


Downstream processes