On more than 2000 m² of floor space, Fraunhofer CBP offers a unique platform with facilities, technical departments, laboratories and storage space to progress new procedures up to product-related dimensions. To solve process-technical issues, the center provides modular process capacities of up to 10 m³ fermentation volume and continuous plants capable of high-pressure processing up to 20 kg per hour, plus a wide range of processing, treatment and reconditioning techniques and methods.

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Overview on infrastructure and technical equipment

  • Pulping and component separation of lignocellulose using organic solvents, with a capacity of 1 metric ton of biomass per week
  • Fermentation capacities of 10/100/300/1000 and 10,000 liters, equipment for downstream processing of fermentation products
  • Reactors for enzymatic processes up to 1000 liters
  • Various process units for chemical reactions unter ATEX conditions (continuous up to 20 kg/h or batch up to 100 liters at temperatures up to 500°C and pressures up to 300 bar)
  • Mechanical and thermal separation processes (including high-temperature rectificatioin up to 350°C at reduced pressures and extraction with l-propane and sc-CO2), also under ATEX conditions

Further information on individual plants


Biomass fractionation


Biotechnological conversion (incl. algae plant)


Chemical processes


Downstream processes