CBS-BioMat – Production of biobased oxo-functionalized synthetic building blocks

As part of the Leistungszentrum “Chemie‑ und Biosystemtechnik“: Preparation and evaluation of bio‑based epoxy resins for the use as foam and insulation material.

In this project, biobased 2K epoxy resins based on vegetable oils, which are suitable for the production of foam systems have to be developed.

To produce the duromer polymer systems, technologies are used for both chemical and enzymatic epoxidation in order to realize a defined epoxide degree for technical applications. Further additives of terpenoid origin are used in the context of hardener development established at Fraunhofer CBP in order to ensure a higher cross-linking and associated increased effective curing in addition to the implementation of further biogenic raw materials.

The hardened reactive resins in form of varnishes, laminates and foams based on renewable raw materials are subjected to an extensive material‑mechanical assessment in order to get information about the correlation between the structure and the properties.

Project information

Project title

CBS‑BioMat – Production of biobased oxo‑functionalized synthetic building blocks


Project duration

April 2016 – March 2018


Project partners

  • Fraunhofer IMWS
  • Dr. Daniela Pufky-Heinrich (Coordination)


We would like to thank the centre of chemical and biosystems technology for funding the project “CBS-BioMat“.