Like-A-Pro – From niche to mainstream – Alternative proteins for everybody and everywhere

Healthy and sustainable food – is this possible? The European Like-A-Pro project deals with the production of food from sustainable resources, and simultaneously the understanding of the consumer’s affections and needs that have to be satisfied to render the European dietary more healthy and in harmony with nature.

Fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems from primary production to consumption

European consumers are increasingly interested in food made from alternative protein sources as a possible substitute for animal-based food. Consumer growing pull for these products is the perfect ground for the European diets to become more sustainable and healthier - that is, carbon neutral, environmentally friendly, compliant with national dietary recommendation, safe and equitable - in line with the European Green Deal and Farm-to-Fork Strategy.

The goal of the Like-A-Pro project is, on the one hand, to produce new food products from alternative protein sources and, on the other hand, to understand the needs of consumers and how to meet them with the new products. Different, sustainable protein resources are used for the production of new food products, including rapeseed protein, mealworm protein, krill protein, microbial protein, mushroom-based protein, fermented mushroom protein or pea protein. The challenge is to produce novel, healthy and nutritious food from environmentally friendly sources - for people of all ages and regardless of whether they live in cities or in rural areas.

With the help of studies and surveys, the project consortium wants to get to know the eating habits of Europeans better in order to adapt the products to consumer preferences. Furthermore, the products are tested in canteens, supermarkets, restaurants and at home to see which consumers choose the new products and why (or why not). In the end, 16 new food products will be made from various alternative proteins and a market analysis will be carried out for each product in order to trigger the introduction of these products into the market.

The task of the CBP in the Like-A-Pro project is to dehull rapeseed from local producers and then separate the rapeseed oil from the rapeseed kernels. The new EthaNa process is used here, which, with the help of ethanol, separates the oil from the rapeseed and extracts bitter substances from the kernel concentrate. The EthaNa process uses mild process conditions, avoiding protein denaturation which is currently still a major problem in conventional processes. At the same time, the kernel concentrate is separated from the rapeseed oil and other bitter substances, so that no further processes are required to purify the proteins. As a result, a kernel concentrate is produced at the CBP using the EthaNa process, which has a high protein content that can be used by the project partners for food production.

Project information

Project title

Like-A-Pro – From niche to mainstream – Alternative proteins for everybody and everywhere


Project duration

November 2022 – October 2026


Cooperation partners

  • Asociacion para la investigacion desarrollo e innovacion del sector agroalimentario, Spain
  • Proti Farm R&D BV, Netherlands
  • Ynsect, France
  • Moreforsking AS, Norway
  • Rimfrost AS, Norway
  • Calidris Bio, Belgium
  • Asociacion professional de productores de sustratos y hongos de la rioja Navarra y arragon, Spain
  • Kinoko-Tech, Israel
  • Celabor SCRL, Belgium
  • Biozoon GmbH, Germany
  • Revo Foods GmbH, Austria
  • Flowfood AS, Norway
  • Carnes de teruel SA, Spain
  • Naturuel SL, Spain
  • Collaborating centre on sustainable consumption and production gGmbH, Germany
  • SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospoleczny, Poland
  • The American Colege of Greece Research Center, Grecce
  • ITC – inovacijsko tehnoloski grozd murska sobota, Slovenia
  • Zeytince ekolojik yasami desteklemedernegi, Turkey
  • Demos Research Institute OY, Finland
  • Foodlab Proef, Belgium
  • Basque culinary center fundazioa, Spain
  • Stichting Food Valley, Netherlands
  • FBCD AS, Denmark
  • Spread European Safety GEIE, Italy
  • Federazione Italiana dell Industiaalimentare Associazione, Italy
  • Federacao das Industrias Portuguesas Agroalimentares, Portugal
  • Federacion Espanola de Industrias de la Alimentacion y Bebidas, Spain
  • Syndesmos Ellinikon Viomichanion Trofimon Somateio, Grecce
  • Tuerkiye Suet et Gida Sanayicileri ve Uereticileri Birligi Dernegi, Turkey
  • Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije, Slovenia
  • Lebensmittelversuchsanstalt, Austria
  • Potravinarska Komora Ceske Republiky, Czech Republic
  • Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires, France
  • Eurizon SL, Spain
  • Green Food Lab B.V., Netherlands
  • Fundacion Gaiker, Spain
  • Alimentos Sanygran S.L., Spain
  • Safe Food Advocacy Europe, Belgium
  • 21 Markets BV, Netherlands


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.