Alumni of Fraunhofer IGB

For many employees, especially scientists, Fraunhofer is am important stepping stone for a further career in industry and research.

Many former employees would like to stay in touch with Fraunhofer even after their departure. And the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is in turn very interested as well to keep and deepen the valuable contact with its alumni.

For this reason, the Fraunhofer-Alumni-Verein was founded in October 2015. It provides the foundation for the Fraunhofer Alumni Net.

Fraunhofer Alumni Net

Grafik mit Strahlen.
Grafik mit Strahlen.

The central platform of the network is the alumni online portal which was launched in 2016. Sign-up now and be there from the beginning. By doing so, you preserve a direct line to our Institute and to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.


Fraunhofer IGB Alumni Newsletter

Fraunhofer IGB wants to stay connected with its alumni. Therefore, the Institute regularly publishes an alumni newsletter (in German), which keeps former employees up to date about current developments, research results and upcoming events.

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