White paper and project reports


  • Roadmap "Zirkuläre Bioökonomie für Deutschland" [in german]
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  • Event report Digital Morgenstadt Conference: "Water in the City of the Future"


  • Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative (MGI) – MGI Resilience Report Kochi


  • Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities Initiative (MGI) – MGI Executive Summary Kochi


  • Biointelligent added value, White Paper of Competence Center for Biointelligence [in german]


  • BIOTRAIN, Results of the preliminary examination oft he biological transformation of industrial value added [in german]


  • HoLaFlor – Increasing the efficiency of biogas plants by establishing high-load digestion, Final Report [in german]


  • Biological transformation and bioeconomy, Fraunhofer White Paper [in german]


  • Lignoplast – Functionalized lignin degradation molecules as platform chemicals, final report [in german]


  • Algal starch biorefinery – Biorefinery based on carbohydrate-rich algal biomass, use of starch and protein, final report [in german]
  • Fields of action – Additive manufacturing processes, VDI position paper [in german]


  • NAWADES – Water desalination with nanotechnology, final report [in english]


  • Surfaces – A few nanometres moderate the interaction with biological systems, VDI White Paper [in german]


  • BioConSepT – Integration of bio-conversion and separation technology for the production and application of platform chemicals from 2nd generation biomass, final report [in english]
  • Integrated Bioproduction – ntegrated joint production based on renewable raw materials, final report [in german]


  • Lignocellulose-Bioraffinerie – Enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated lignocellulosic fibers and enzymatic detoxification of digestion solutions with laccases,
    final report [in german]


  • Bioökonomie im System aufstellen – Concept for a Baden-Württemberg research strategy "Bioeconomy", editor: Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst [in german]


  • NANODYN – Reduced friction and ice adhesion – optimization by means of plasma technology, final report [in german]


  • Specific adsorbers for clean biodiesel, final report [in german]