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Novel food processing technologies focusing on technical aspects

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Detailed view of a bioreactor for growing large amounts of biomass of M. extorquens AM1.
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Detailed view of a bioreactor for growing large amounts of biomass of M. extorquens AM1.

CO2 as a raw material for plastics

We need to reduce CO2 emissions in the future. For this, we first produce methanol and formic acid from CO2, which we convert via microorganisms into building blocks for polymers and the like.

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MS Wissenschaft (Motorship Science)

On 5 June, the exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft will start its tour through around 30 cities in Germany and Austria in Hamburg. We are on board.

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Fraunhofer IGB on Instagram

The Fraunhofer IGB is now also present on Instagram. Follow our channel @fraunhoferigb for updates, projects and exciting insights behind the scenes of the institute!

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Annual report

Digital review and insight into our successful highlights, projects and research topics in 2020/21.

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Infections – Prevention, diagnostics, drug development

Technologies for sterilization and vaccine development; technologies for detection of viruses, bacteria and fungi; bacteriophages and test systems for drug development.

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Innovations for foresight value creation for the implementation of sustainability goals, taking into account ecology, society and economy.

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We combine biology and engineering

More than ever, innovative processes call for the constructive interplay of previously separate technical disciplines in a systems approach. The institute works at the interface between biology and engineering, especially in biotechnology and bioengineering, but also through the interaction of biological systems with technical materials.

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Mensch und DNA-Stränge.
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Mensch und DNA-Stränge.

Biological Transformation

Sustainable industrial value creation through the use of biological principles, systems and biotechnological processes

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Anaerobic water purification in a bioreactor.
© Rafael Krötz
Anaerobic water purification in a bioreactor.

Our contribution to the Nexus of Water – Energy – Food – Raw materials

Sustainability through integrated resource management

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We combine biology and engineering

What can we do to conserve natural resources and protect the climate? How can we assure an equitable supply of food, water, and raw materials to the world’s growing population? And what can we do to improve the accuracy of diagnostic methods used to detect diseases, provide affordable drug testing, and develop personalized medicine for an ageing society?

Fraunhofer IGB develops processes, technologies and products for health, sustainable chemistry and the environment. For this, we rely on the combination of biotechnological and process engineering competencies in order to contribute to human well-being, a sustainable economy and an intact environment with the systems approach of bioeconomy and bioinspired, biointegrated and biointelligent solutions.

We provide our customers with end-to-end solutions, from the laboratory to pilot-scale applications, accompanied by a wide range of analysis and testing services.


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Indoor Air: How to Eliminate Viruses Effectively

How can viruses be effectively eliminated from indoor air? This question is now becoming more important as fall approaches. Efficient indoor air purification is essential, especially in schools. Fraunhofer researchers are investigating and optimizing various filter and air purification techniques in the AVATOR project.
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Efficient roll-to-roll production technologies for more climate neutrality

For a climate-neutral economy, every opportunity must be exploited to reduce energy requirements and use resources efficiently. Highly efficient industrial processes are a key element in this. To this end, in the R2R-Net network, 18 European partners from industry and research are further developing reel-to-reel systems and processes that are used in production in a variety of ways. Companies benefit from the expertise, the support during scale-up and ramping up of the production, and the technical exchange. On September 7, 2021, the partners will present current developments, success stories and novel production equipment in a workshop. The network is open to additional partners.
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CO2 as a raw material for plastics and other products

Carbon dioxide is one of the main drivers of climate change – which means that we need to reduce CO2 emissions in the future. Fraunhofer researchers are highlighting a possible way to lower these emissions: They use the greenhouse gas as a raw material, for instance to produce plastics. To do this, they first produce methanol and formic acid from CO2, which they convert via microorganisms into building blocks for polymers and the like.
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TotalEnergies, Sunfire and Fraunhofer give the go-ahead for green methanol in Leuna

TotalEnergies announced the launch of the e-CO2Met project at the Hydrogen Lab Leuna together with the electrolyser manufacturer Sunfire, the Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP and the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS. Methanol can be produced from low-carbon hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide, which is an important approach to reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions. With the ambition to produce climate-neutral methanol on site, this demonstration project will integrate the various components required to this end, such as the use of renewable energy.
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November 9, 2021 to November 10, 2021

Sustainability and Chemical Production

International Akademie Fresenius Conference (online): The European Green Deal and its Regulatory Challenges for the Chemical Industry

Trade fair | November 16, 2021 to November 19, 2021


Fraunhofer IGB will be represented within the Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing with its expertise in bioprinting as well as in the development of biomaterials for 3D printing processes.

December 8, 2021 to December 9, 2021

ThinkTech! Alternative Proteins

This online course will deal with the implementation of new technologies in companies of the food industry.




Visitors from Stellenbosch

Yesterday we had the pleasure to welcome our colleagues from the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform in Stellenbosch at the Fraunhofer IGB!


Roll-to-roll processes

Video streaming of R2R-Net Workshop

Watch the complete R2R-Net workshop from September 7, 2021 on Youtube.




Efficient primary refining of microorganisms by integrating cell disruption, extraction and separation using microalgae as an example




Several partner have joined forces in order to develop economic value chains for nutrient recycling from organic residues and to offer sustainable high-performance fertilizer products for efficient agriculture.

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