Bioprocess scale-up

We have a broad bioprocess engineering know-how for process intensification and scale-up, whereby the processes developed on a laboratory scale are evaluated in advance with regard to their transferability to the industrial relevant scale and optimized iteratively during transfer and scale-up. These include the adaptation of process control strategies (batch, fed-batch, continuous) and integrated product purification to reduce process steps or the reuse of biocatalysts (e.g. by immobilization on carrier materials). In addition to the scale-up of processes to demonstration scale, we also provide sample quantities for application tests.

Fields of activity and technologies


Fermentative production of carboxylic acids

We are developing new economical processes for the sustainable production of malic, xylon and itaconic acid from lignocellulosic sugars. We have successfully demonstrated the production of malic acid from xylose on a 1 m³ scale.

Enzyme production and biocatalysis

Reference projects

Enzyme production