Precision biomarkers

Despite good medical standards, diagnostic procedures for the detection of many diseases are insufficiently up-to-date, as current methods are labor-intensive and time-intensive and provide inadequate sensitivity and specificity. The latest advancements in the field of molecular biology could help overcome these problems.

To this end, we exploit the power of next-generation sequencing in our group for the identification of novel biomarkers enabling better diagnosis of diseases such as prostate cancer, COPD or infectious diseases.

Reference projects

RIBOLUTION – Non-coding RNAs as biomarkers


Biomarkers for CPOD and prostate cancer, based on the molecule class of non-(protein)-coding ribonucleic acids (ncRNAs), are investigated within the “Ribolution” project supported by the “Fraunhofer-Zukunftsstiftung” (Fraunhofer Future Foundation).

Fungitect – Identification of pathogens by next-generation sequencing


The EU-funded project “Fungitect” aims to identify fungal pathogens in patients’ blood samples by next-generation sequencing.


Project duration: March 2014 ─ February 2018