Food processing technology


AMICREX – Development of Microwave Assisted Cell Disruption of Biomass and Extraction of Valuable Compounds

  • The project aims to develop an integrated process and reactor design for future industrial implementation, where by-products from agro industrial processes can be valorised by recovering high-value nonpolar components through a microwave intensified microemulsion extraction process.

EnReMilk – Integrated engineering approach validating reduced water and energy consumption in milk processing for wider food supply chain replication

  • Fifteen European partners are working together on optimizing novel water-and energy-saving technologies and integrating them into selected dairy processing lines, while maintaining the quality and safety of the corresponding products.

Whey2Food – Enhanced protein fractionation from protein sources for their use in special food applications

  • By refining an electromembrane process initially investigated at the University of Hohenheim, the Whey2Food project consortium is investigating how to obtain high-quality whey proteins fractions. 

ProEclair – Automated production of preservative-free choux pastry

  • The objective of the ˝ProEclair˝ project funded by the EU is to produce the traditional choux paste automatically under aseptic conditions in order to increase its shelf life substantially.


  • The Fraunhofer IGB’s role in this project is to develop a continuous process for wine stabilization on the basis of pressure change technology (PCT). The objective is to minimize or avoid the addition of chemical preservatives such as sulfur dioxide.


  • Nutritional and shelf-stable milk through novel microwave processing.