Distillation with gravitational vacuum generation

Most solution concepts for the thermal treatment of water and other materials are based on a multi-effect vacuum distillation which enables heat to be used efficiently at low temperatures. Due to the vacuum, the technology works at low boiling temperatures and energy can be recovered from within the system in several pressure stages. This means that energy is used several times, lowering the specific energy requirements significantly. The boiling temperature in the vacuum is also considerably lower so that the energy requirements can be met with simple solar thermal collectors or by using waste heat from approx. 60 °C.

Innovative method

Principle of distillation process
Principle of distillation process.

Although this is a vacuum process, vacuum or jet pumps are no longer required as the vacuum is created and maintained by gravitation only. Two simple hydraulic pumps are enough to serve the entire plant. The process is controlled mainly by hydraulic and/or mechanical principles and components so that electrical measuring and controlling equipment can be kept to a minimum.

This innovative vacuum process can be run independent of fossil energy sources and power grids because simple solar thermal collectors provide the necessary thermal energy and few photovoltaic collectors are sufficient for running the electrical components of process control.