Electrochemical catalysts

Catalysts for energy conversion

For the success of the energy turnaround, in the course of which electricity generation from renewable energies in Germany is being continuously expanded, new technologies are required to store excess energy in addition to expanding the networks. Energy storage systems thus ensure rapid load balancing and make electrical energy available again at a later date. In addition to battery storage systems, chemical energy storage systems or the use of surplus energy for the synthesis of chemicals can offer a sensible solution for stabilizing electricity grids.

Our services

  • Development of electrocatalysts and electrode materials
  • Electrochemical CO2 conversion to C1-intermediates, ethene etc. and coupling with chemo- and biocatalytic processes
  • Electrochemical syntheses
  • Electrochemical conversion of biogenic raw materials (e.g. sugar, lignin, glycerin) into high-quality chemicals
  • Biobased polymer building blocks