Cleaning and disinfection


In plasmas highly reactive particles are generated, that can remove surface contamination such as oil residues from surfaces before it be painted or otherwise coated.

Adsorber particles offer a possibility for the specific removal of environmental pollutants from water or impurities from valuable fractions.

Disinfection and sterilization

The highly reactive particles generated in a plasma can also be used in medical applications because they are able to kill germs and inactivate spores. We develop UV and plasma processes for the inactivation of microorganisms and viruses.


Plasma ultracleaning of metal surfaces

We use reactive particles in plasma to effectively remove surface contaminants such as oil residues from surfaces.


Water purification with atmospheric plasma

Substances that are difficult to degrade, such as drug residues or pesticides in industrial wastewater, must be removed with oxidizing substances such as ozone and hydrogen peroxide or UV irradiation. The use of plasma processes, which belong to the AOP (advanced oxidation processes), can be an alternative.



Adsorption of pollutants and contaminants with adsorber particles


UV technologies for sterilization and disinfection of surfaces

We use various gas discharge lamps, including specially developed excimer lamps, but also UV LEDs to inactivate microorganisms and viruses on surfaces.


Plasma sterilization for thermolabile materials

Thermal sterilization processes cannot be used for thermolabile materials such as medical devices or components of medical equipment. The sterilizing, microbial cell inactivating effect of low-temperature plasmas offers a material-friendly alternative.


Preservation of cultural heritage with plasma technology

Due to its cleaning and sterilizing effect - while at the same time being gentle on materials - plasma technology is also in demand for the conservation and restoration treatment of historical cultural goods.  Fraunhofer IGB is a founding member of the Cultural Heritage Research Alliance.