We would like to be your partner for the development of sustainable synthetic procedures for innovative chemical products. We would be happy to support you concerning the choice of suitable funding possibilities.

In detail we support you for:

Research and Development

  • Identification of suitable raw material for the development of new products and new materials
  • Identification of new applications for new biobased products
  • Literature and patent studies
  • Molecular biological and technical optimization of enzymes and enzyme reactions
  • Custom synthesis and contract screening
  • Development of procedures for the utilization of residues
  • Development of procedures for the integration of renewable resources and their chemical structures in industrially established processes --> synthesis of biobased alternatives for fossil based compounds
  • Evaluation of optimized synthetic procedures for the production of target products
  • Optimization of reactions by design of experiment
  • Scale-up of reactions (up to 4 liter reaction volume; further scale-up at Fraunhofer CBP)

Cooperation for research projects

  • Identification of suitable funding possibilities (national, European)
  • Support by the formation of a project consortium and by communication with possible partners
  • Support by project applications
  • Communications with funding authorities


  • Chemical analysis and structure identification
  • Contract analysis

We also offer services concerning materials and (biobased) polymers as part of the Laboratory for Technical Biopolymers (LTBP):

  • Selection of suitable biogenic raw- and waste products
  • Screening of polymerization methods
  • Polymerization at lab scale
  • Functionalization of natural biopolymers
  • Selection and development of biobased polymer additives
  • Development of composite materials with natural materials
  • Polymer analytics
  • Material characterization
  • Material testing
  • Analysis of product failures and assessment
  • Biocompatibility
  • End-of-life scenarios (in planning)
    • Material cycles
    • Biodegradability