Emulsification technologies

Emulsions are generated from two immiscible phases by applying high shear forces and adding stabilizers. Depending on the diameter (d) of the droplets produced, a distinction is made between macroemulsions (d > 1000 nm), miniemulsions (50 nm < d < 1000 nm) and microemulsions (2 nm < d < 20 nm).

Using the processes listed below, we at Fraunhofer IGB produce emulsions with variable droplet sizes for a wide range of applications.


  • Rotor/stator (Kinematica)
  • Ultrasonic homogenizer
    • Branson sonifier
    • Hielscher sonifier
  • High-pressure homogenizer (Avestin)

Further emulsion technologies

Mini emulsion polymerization

Emulsion polymerization

Double emulsion technology for the encapsulation of substances