/  June 19, 2012  -  June 20, 2012

Biobased materials - 9th WPC, Natural Fibre and other innovative Composites 2012

"Biobased materials" continue to grow in importance globally in a wide variety of industrial sectors, and not only because of reasons associated with sustainability. The primary reason is the technical benefits of these materials. The potential for new products and new applications based on existing and new materials is far from being exhausted.

For years, the WPC, Natural Fibre and other innovative Composites Congress and Exhibition has provided the platform for industry and science to exchange information on innovations, discuss strategic questions and present the latest research results. As a result, the Congress has also become a driving force behind the expansion of this group of materials. The tremendous number of participants in recent years (from over 40 countries) and the resultant global exchange makes this gathering one of the leading events in Europe for such materials.

Subject areas

  • Natural and cellulose fiber-reinforced, innovative plastic composites
  • Innovative processing and manufacturing methods for bio-based polymers and composites
  • Bio-based materials and biocomposites
  • Additives and fillers for bio-based polymers and composites
  • Innovative applications, e.g. for the furniture, construction, aircraft, packaging, sport and automotive industries

Goals of the Congress

This year the congress will be focusing on the extensive display of the newest levels of technology, as well as the opportunity for practice-oriented and scientific discussion. Apart from podium and oral presentations, there will be interactive poster presentations and industrial exhibitions with table top displays. The congress is for the benefit of producers and users of wood and natural fibre reinforced composites and helps to connect academic research and industry.


Wednesday, Jun 20, 2012 at 08.30 am
»Bio-Economy – Towards sustainable raw materials, processes and products«
Presented by Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth