/  May 23, 2012  -  May 25, 2012

3rd International Conference "Strategies in Tissue Engineering"

As previously in 2004 and 2006, the meeting sets out to bring researchers from all over the world together to discuss the latest developments in the rapidly expanding field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

As for the previous conferences, the high level of the scientific program will be determined by more than 30 keynote lecturers, invited from all over the world presenting their latest research and clinical results. Also, as previously, it is one of our major goals to encourage young researchers and students to get involved in the field and attend this conference.

Main topics of conference

  • Biomimetic Materials: From Artificial ECM to Hierarchical Structures
  • Nanomaterials in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Drug Delivery
  • New Tools for Cell and Tissue Imaging
  • 3D Models for Tissue Engineering and Cancer Research
  • Strategies for Tissue Vascularization
  • Stem Cells – Building Blocks and Modulators of the Host Response
  • Healthy Aging - Regeneration Strategies in Old Age and Multimorbidity
  • From Bench to Bedside – Where Are We in the Field of Musculoskeletal, Soft, and Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering?
  • Translation in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: Clinical Studies and Regulatory Aspects

Topics of Fraunhofer IGB at Industrial Exhibition

  • 3D testsystems
  • Bioreactors for tissue engineering
  • Artifical blood vessel systems