Pilot plant for isobutene production on an industrial scale

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Last year the Fraunhofer IGB further developed its cooperation activities with partners in industry and research. In collaboration with Global Bioenergies GmbH, an industrial pilot plant will be set up at the Fraunhofer CBP in Leuna for the manufacture of isobutene from biogenic raw materials.

Algae Reactor
© Fraunhofer IGB
180-liter reactor module installed at Fraunhofer CBP’s outdoor facility in Leuna.

The Leipzig-based biotechnology company is linked to the IGB in the BioEconomy leading edge cluster. Within the cluster, research facilities and companies work together to play an active part in shaping the transition from fossil-based raw materials to renewable ones. It is planned that, in the future, up to 100 metric tons of isobutene will be produced in the pilot plant each year. This industrial base material is used, for example, for the manufacture of plastics and fuels. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the project, set to last three years, with 5.7 million euros.