Press releases and news 1998

  • New interferon beta with increased solubility

    Press release / November 02, 1998

    Interferon beta is a protein produced in the body which suppresses the spread of viruses. It is also indispensable for treating multiple sclerosis. "Hydrophobicity engineering" is now being used to improve the solubility of the protein to make it more effective.

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  • Microorganisms purify ground water

    Press release / September 01, 1998

    Chlorocarbons are often found as contamintations in ground water and soil. A new two-stage biological process uses microorganisms to degrade these hazardous compounds and purify the ground water.

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  • Surfactants under control by Tensioline

    Press release / June 01, 1998

    At the Fraunhofer IGB an apparatus has been developed for the automatic on-line controlling of surfactants concentration in industrial process and cleaning baths or in surface waters.

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  • Germany was the first country to enact a recycling (the so-called "closed loop economy") law in 1996: Instead of disposing waste it ensures the recycling or reprocessing of waste materials with the aim of saving natural resources. Fraunhofer IGB has developed a process for combined waste water purification and acid recycling. This not only protects the environment but also reduces costs.

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  • Quality feed from sprouted seeds

    Press release / March 02, 1998

    Grain and sprouts have the potential to improve the quality of animal feedstuffs they contain all of the essential nutrients and minerals in a digestible form. A new germination procedure will enable sprouts to be produced on a large scale under controlled conditions.

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  • No blocking in novel fixed-bed circulation reactor

    Press release / February 02, 1998

    Fixed-bed reactors with immobilized biomass are applied increasingly in waste water purification. However, they have one disadvantage: Their flow channels block easily. Now, at Fraunhofer IGB a bioreactor has been developed, whose fixed-bed particles are circulated from time to time. This allows continuous, trouble-free operation.

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