Annual Report 2022/23

2023 is a special year for Fraunhofer IGB because it marks the 70th anniversary of our institute. Looking back, it is clear that the visionary ideas of the IGB often put it ahead of its time – as a pioneer in the development of sustainable technologies. The IGB was, for example, already researching biogas when the 1970s oil crisis occurred. Similarly, we have long been pursuing the approach of recycling waste and valuable wastewater ingredients with a view to creating closed material cycles. With our applied research in the area of sustainable chemical products and our innovative concepts for the health sector, we are constantly breaking new ground and are making valuable contributions for our society.

These approaches and new technologies are delivering the tools that we need to play our part in overcoming global crises for the good of people and the environment – by creating solutions to safeguard raw materials, food supplies and clean water, and by developing innovative approaches for personalized diagnosis and medicine

Our research highlights



  • Diagnostics
  • Drug development
    • Human test systems, immunoreceptor assays and production cell lines
    • Virus engineering
    • Drug delivery and release
  • Medical technology
  • GLP-facility, clean rooms (ISO5)

Sustainable chemistry

  • Development, scaling and optimization of processes for the production of
    • biobased chemicals      
    • biopolymers and biobased materials
    • ingredients for food and animal feed
  • Technologies for the material use of CO2 and power-to-X

Environment and climate protection

  • Smarte infrastructure for smart cities
  • Drinking water production and treatment
  • Treatment of process water, wastewater and sludge
  • Water monitoring
  • Efficient production of biogas
  • Secondary resources, raw materials and water reuse

70 years of research for a better future

Our anniversary year 2023


70 years of shaping research

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Fraunhofer IGB develops, realizes and optimizes processes, products and plants as well as new technologies – from the feasibility study to implementation.


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From research contracts and collaborative research projects to licensing and strategic partnerships, many ways of working together are possible.

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